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Álbum: The Lord of Steel

Música: The Lord of Steel

In the nights
We take flights
Witness the sites
The power and glory of steel
I fought and died
Lived many lives before
I am immortal like my sword
I kneel to no one except the lord
And my lord is steel
If you see me you just passed your time
To the hills you can run but not hide
Blood and death are wherever i ride
Armed for battle the lord on my side
Stand and face the lord of steel
The lord of steel
In the eyes of the lord you have sinned
Let your punishment begin
Only by death you atone
You shall not die alone
For the glory of battle
I will fight until i die
Live one day as an eagle
Or a lifetime as a fly
Like a candle burning
The wheels of time are turning
The lord of steel commands you
To die by my hand
Stand and fight the lord of steel
Time to face the lord of steel